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PHOTOGRAPHER // Julia-Rosa Reis

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Where are you from and where do you live and work now?
I am born in a picturesque town in Bavaria, South Germany, called Obernburg am Main. From there I explored the world trough traveling first for exchanges and my studies, later for finding my place in the world and getting to know the variety of cultures that make this planet special. My home base if you want to call it that is Hamburg, located in the north of Germany. I sometimes very much do miss my Bavarian routes - the mountains and the easy accessibility of other European Countries like France or Austria, where is also spend two years living in Vienna. 
What inspires you about Hamburg?
Hamburg has made a name as the gateway to Europe, with it’s harbor - claiming to be a worldly city and functioning as melting pot in the clash of cultures. For me there is definitely charm to this city that is called one of the greenest in Germany. However I feel the joy of traveling never fades, and so I see Hamburg also as home base for taking off to new adventures.
As a creative do you prefer working solely, in collaboration with other people, surrounded by people, surrounded by music, noise or in quiet?
I prefer to work on my own, but surrounded by people - For working eloquently in for instance choosing images after a shoot I seek a busy environment like a street café during my journeys. For setting up mood boards I’d rather be alone in my office, working near the window and with music playing in the background. I like to get in what is called „the flow“ - which describes that period of time where you work within what feels like a stream, producing and connecting ideas without interruptions and with a fresh and eloquent output. 
Do you prefer working outdoors in the nature or indoors in a studio? And why do you think you prefer one over the other? 
I am an outdoors, on-location photographer - the studio never really appealed to me. I prefer the outdoors because I am also more comfortable within nature. The lighting possibilities and the uncertainties of an on-location shoot are what makes photography such a passionate and personal journey. I am an adventurous soul and I love to deal with uncertain situations, I enjoy problem solving over anything - so this is why I think I prefer on-location shootings over studio productions. I will make it work.
What gets you going, and where would you go next if you could choose o go anywhere in the world? 
My business is funded on the believe that one should not die without experiencing what the planet has to offer. I believe that the story is out there, and that traveling really broadens the horizon of each individual that decides to step out of the comfort zone. As I write this, I just returned from my travels trough California and Hawaii - earlier this year I had the chance to see France and Spain again and in Spring I toured through Afrika. My next planned trip takes me to South Afrika and Mozambique within my project Road Trip for Brands. 
Are you neat or messy? And how do you think it affects your work?
I am efficient that is all I would like to reveal about that - but as I am also a very honest person: We all know that working in a creative matter needs to be done with passion, and passion does not follow a format. The idea phase consists for me of gathering the possibilities, laying out the chances - and the plan is made to fit my desired results. This doesn’t mean that the result can’t vary - Often a trip teaches me something that spins my idea into the background and then I want to follow my new input and feeling towards the topic. 
What was it that fascinated you and had you pursue photography and become a full-time photographer?
When I was five years old my dad promised me a camera - if I would learn how to swim. So it’ was my fable for adventure that gave me the first equipment to document the world around me. I did not put the camera down since then, and was changing the style of how I shoot like any photographer that is growing up and that is observing the world as doing so. I am an autodidact, I did not study photography, but I studied ascetics - being the daughter to the renown abstract artist that my mother is. I grew up traveling, and where we traveled we went to see art and culture. I also studied culture and communication - tools that now help me to articulate and craft ideas that affect both culture and advertising. 
Was photographing something you always wanted to do, something that grew on you, or just one out of many mediums you like to express yourself through today as a creative?
I would see the idea of a picture as the soul of a photograph. Whether it is a story I would like to tell, or a story that appealed to me the moment I looked at a subject, person that spiked an idea - The crafted idea behind the picture is the actual diverse medium to spike a conversation about a photograph. We can travel the world and see things that please the eye, we also can look for detail of culture and background stories - and the same pleasing image can transform to a symbol of that culture. 
Is there a particular person in your life or in life in particular that inspires your work, goals and/or mission in life?
I am inspired by the face that lifetime appears to be limited. This motivates me to join the conversation, after all it is not known what purpose in life the human serves - but it is on us to create that kind of purpose, for each person individually. I am very much inspired by what people that surround me have chosen to give their passion and time to in life. 
How do you think or feel that your artistic style has evolved over time? 
I feel that artists grow with the set of skills they feel the need to develop over time. I love that I never took classes but more naturally let my work and life teach me where I needed to be more perfectionist - or more flexible. The newest thing is that I learned something that I learned in painting ages ago: Don’t overdo it, safe the time - I would have spend hours and days worrying about nuances, until my father looked at two images of mine what seemed to be the same to him and told me to leave it be. I loved this help and it showed me to not get caught up but rather step back and let my work unfold. It is not going to be the nuance that makes the image powerful, it is the story behind it, the beauty within and the power of inspiration that it might give to others.
Where do you think it's going? 
I think that as long as I can inspire I am on the right path, there still are many stories to be told and many people that love to listen - so I enjoy bringing the people and the stories together.
If you could choose a place and time in the future, when and where would it be and what would you be doing there?
I would like to travel to indigenous but yet to be discovered tribes and see how they give purpose to their live and tell their stories. I think it would set allot of the topics we see as important into humble perspective.