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PAINTER // Clara Helmertz Cane

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Where are you from and where do you live and work now?
I am half Swedish, half English and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I study in here and I create my artworks in my studio in Spånga.
What inspires you about Stockholm?
What inspires me the most about Stockholm is all my friends, family and the creative environment i surround myself with here. I get very inspired to create by just going to the gallery where I have my studio space. This is a great place where 19 artists have their own studio spaces.
As a creative do you prefer working solely, in collaboration with other people, surrounded by people, surrounded by music, noise or in quiet?

I need my time to paint alone but I like working with others too! I prefer to create my art solely. Because to me, the process is like meditating. It is my precious time, when my mind wonders off and I am in my own world.  I can and do create while listening to music or a podcast. If I am prepared for it, doing a colab with another artist is really enjoyable. At Hyper Island where I study, we only work in teams, so I am very used to working in teams and I like that too.

Do you prefer working outdoors in the nature or indoors in a studio? And why do you think you prefer one over the other? And is it impossible as a painter to work outdoors? Perhaps the paint dries too quickly.
I would rather work outside in the sun but it does not work because I am very messy. I use a lot of materials when I paint and my art needs a day to dry. It is more practical to me to be in my studio where I have all of the paint and materials. The studio allows me to be messy. If I had a house and a garden in Spain, where it is warm and sunny I would probably work outdoors. Then I could leave my stuff outside and let a painting naturally dry until the next day.
What gets you going? What gets you up in the morning?
It is the motivation to create things that gets me going. To express myself in paintings and create my dreams and goals. I love meeting new people and exploring new things in life. I guess it is curiosity that gets me up in the morning. 
Are you neat or messy? And how do you think it affects your work?
I like being messy when I work, because that lets me be free in my mind and in my process. When I work I sitt on the floor and usually do 2 paintings at the same time. I pour colors in different cups and use a lot of colors and water when I paint. 
Are you a full time artist/painter or do you study or work as well?
I study mon-fri at Hyper Island in Stockholm and I work at a store during the weekends. I paint when I have got free time on my hands, during weekends and after school. To go and paint after a day at Hyper Island is a great way to empty my brain and go into a calm sense of mind.
How long have you been painting for? When did you begin painting?
I'm raised in a family of artists and graphic designer so all my life I have been surrounded by a creative world. It was actually 2 years ago,  when I started stuying at an art school in Stockholm named Basis, that I started painting. I painted with oil and acrylic colors during school hours, while creating my own work afree school.
Was painting something you always wanted to do, something that grew on you, or just one out of many mediums you like to express yourself through today as a creative?
I have always been creative which I think comes naturally to me since I grew up in a family of designers and artists. I studied photography when I was younger, then graphic design and in 2015 I studied at Basis Art School for a year. After that year I studied graphic design at Nyckelviksskolan during one year and on my free time I continued painting. I got a studio last year and I've been painting since then! 
Is there a particular person in your life or in life in particular that inspires your work, goals and/or mission in life? 
What inspires me the most in my work is the fun in it. I love to express myself in my paintings and explore different ways and materials to do so. What also inspires me is the people that enjoy my art and whom purchase it to place it in their homes!
How do you think or feel that your artistic style has evolved over time?  Where do you think it's going? 
I have been painting for about 1,5 years and I see and feel that my artistic style is still open for change. I like to express myself in various ways and not be limited to one style. I do not want to place myself in one box right now. I paint what I feel and my feelings change everyday, so I like to be able to use different styles when I paint. My goal and dream is to own a bigger studio and to be able to live of my art.
If you could choose a place and time in the future, when and where would it be and what would you be doing there?

If I could choose a place in the future where I would like to be, it would probably be in a warm country in my own house, where I have a studio. My main work would be painting, but I also wish to collaborate with other creatives, create start-ups with other artist and creative people. I like to have several projects running.


Photography by Minna Yr Johannsdottir