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What is expected of us?

In order for us to communicate as clearly as possible, I always suggest my clients to send me a brief. Some sort of indication of what you are looking for. Usually, I ask of you to send me examples, visual ones, perhaps a photograph of an illustration you have seen that you like. Links to website pages are always welcomed as long as it is clear as to which one of the perhaps many illustrations you are referring to. 

When can I expect to receive my illustration? 

The time it takes to make an illustration depends on the size and the details of the illustration. It can take 2 days to receive the draft of the illustration. Then it might take from one day until a month to receive the final illustration. It all depends on the kind of illustration you want.

How much does an illustration cost? 

I always charge a per-hour-rate of 840 SEK/h. The price varies depending on the size and how detailed you would like the illustration to be, and therefore the time it takes to create it.